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Thread: So should gun-owning school teachers carry their personal guns in the classroom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xelebes View Post
    You know what's better than a gun in such a place? A place where the gun can hit nobody. The best one can do is to clear the room and barricade or run for cover. Give him no targets to shoot at. Let him blow through his clips. Then when he has no ammo, tackle him. Therefore you have no bullets of your own to account for.
    An utter impossibility in any classroom I've attended or worked in, and I teach. Classrooms almost always are cul-de-sacs, a single door. Clear the classroom? What, dive through the windows? Barricade? With . . . what?

    The gunman simply opens the door, steps in, and has an arcade gallery of people sitting in chairs with nowhere to go and nothing to provide cover. And "when he blows through his ammo"? At Virginia Tech, Seun-hui Cho cruised into classrooms with how many clips? I don't know, but it was many. Adam Lanza, in this latest episode, killed himself with "hundreds" of unexpended rounds still available.

    Why didn't the managers of the theater in Aurora, Colorado "clear" it when James Holmes came in with his gas bombs and bullet-spraying weapons?

    Oh, and has anyone mentioned the key element upon which these mass killers depend? SURPRISE.

    If I'm going to come into a classroom of kids with intent on wreaking utter mass mayhem (and I'm not, despite what some here may suspect), who is my first target? THE TEACHER. It's probably hard for the investigators to determine, but my bet is that in Newtown, that's exactly how Lanza operated. After that, everything became easy. What six-year-old is going to be able to direct fellow pupils to "clear the classroom"?

    Let's return to reality now.

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