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Thread: Another Boys and YA Thread

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    Another Boys and YA Thread

    So I was in B&N today, and I saw that they had re-issued Anne McCaffrey's Tower and Hive/Talents series. I was glad because I loved those books when I was younger.

    But then I was sad. Because thy put new covers on the reprints, and those covers are awful. Or at least to me they seemed that way. I remember the old, science-fictiony covers from when I read the books, whereas the new covers are ones I've heard described as "Harlequiny".

    And if it were a romance series, I wouldn't mind, but it is most definite;y a science-fiction series, and not only that, I know it appealed to girls and boys when it first came out.

    But if I were to come upon the series now, I absolutely would never have picked it up. I don't like the covers, and even if I was impartial aesthetically, the cover screeams "Not for you!" to me.

    Am I wrong? Did these books mainly appeal to a male demographic and now they're trying to get female readers to give the series a chance?

    This isn't so much a boys don't get no respect thread as me just wondering if this is a trend we're going to be running into more. (I mean, it is, but that's not my only question.) Maybe they just felt the old covers needed an update? But then why leave out any science-fictiony elements?

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