Hi everyone! I'm new here and dying for knowledge and input. I'm sure there are hundreds of wound threads, yet I can't find the answers to what I need. My MC is out with her male friend at a local hot spot (undetermined at this moment). It's a corner building & mostly glass/large windows. The hot spot is attacked by gunmen, retaliation. Type of guns used are handguns .45, .9mm....maybe even an Uzi, haven't decided yet. MC & friend are both going to be injured. I wanted them to be near an exit, but not where they can get out once fired upon. I need them both struck by flying glass...enough to leave scars and cause MC some blood loss. I also want MC to get hit by a stray bullet. I was thinking in the back(near shoulder area but not shoulder.)/middle fiber trapezius muscle. She needs to have limited to loss of mobility in arm, but not neck or hand. Should the bullet still be lodged in her or should there be an exit wound? Also is it possible to be struck by the bullet when she is on her stomach covering her face/head with her arms. Would it be better for her to be struck by bullet first then she hits the deck and proceeds to be tore up by flying glass? She is helped medically within 15mins and hospitalized within 40 She heals within 3-5 months and then goes through PT for 7 months and regains full use. Some days it does still her. Want this to be as accurate as I can get it. She is human and healed humanly by humans. Thank you for all your help! It is greatly appreciated!