Hi all,

So, my mentor for back to me with the critiqued MS of the first Enigma Files book. Now, one of her little rules is that I'm not allowed to touch it for 3 days, just take the comments onboard, let then stew, then come back fighting.

Which is fine, but her #1 suggestion - other than character improvements - was to add casefiles from the Enigma Files 'site', and scatter them throughout the narrative. These files would detail real-life accounts of paranormal phenomena, written in the 'fun but dry' style of Karl, and refer to things he'd actually mention in the book. For example, after the chapter in which Karl and Mason discuss poltergeists, telekinesis and screaming skulls, there would be a break in the story for the casefiles, going into slightly more detail and describing a real-life event or proven hoax. Then back to the story.

I personally think it's a great idea: it gives both the EF and Karl more character as it would SHOW he knows what he's talking about, rather than just saying he has a wiki on weird stuff. It would also be a great way to establish time jumps, as by the time the reader returns to the narrative, it's the next day or later. Not to mention the strange, fascinating information kids at the target age should gobble up - let alone adults still missing the X-Files!

But maybe I'm just blinded by excitement: what does everyone ELSE think? Does a book layout like this sound appealing? I know out would be slightly unique, but in a good way or bad one?