I'm curious about something, but I want to make it clear that this doesn't pertain to my situation or my wonderful agent. I was just wondering about something Stephen King had said.


Suppose you write a story or a series and you get an agent to represent that work. Through a lot of hard work, your agent sells the story or series to a publisher. Yippee!

Okay, now suppose you are selling a fair amount of books and the publisher wants you to do another story or series and offers you the same terms that your agent negotiated for the first project...terms that you find satisfactory.


Does the agent still take their percentage for the second project? Or are they only entitled to royalties from the first project?

In this situation, should an author even have an agent for the second project since the second project is basically sold to a publisher before it's even written?

And if an author should have an agent for the second project, what added advantage is it to have an agent for a story that a publisher already wants?

Just wondering....