I have finished my upper MG fantasy, and I have a question. My first chapter is actually from the point of view of the thirteen year old's mother. It also takes place when the main character is a baby. I know it might seem like more of a prologue, but I don't want to call it one because so many people skip prologues.

I've seen this done before in books. Most famously, the first chapter of Harry Potter follows Vernon Dursley, then switches point of view to the Dumbledore-McGonagall scene.

So I know it can be done. I feel like this chapter does need to be there. Technically, the book could function without it, but it sets up the major internal conflict that the character faces at the end of the book, as well as introduces a character who features in the rest of the series.

What are everyone's thoughts on this? Can it be done well? What pitfalls should I try to avoid with this?