hi all,

first, am gonna have to say I don't know which section to put this thread on, but i hope i put in the right place

I'm really facing a hard time convincing others with my novel idea i.e people around me.

the thing is am a very conservative person. i live in addiction free environment. and it's not acceptable to talk about any kind of addiction around me. personally i don't drink, some or take drags tanks to god. in my country it's not acceptable for girls to get addicted on something, but it's acceptable for guys to smoke only

in a nutshell, my novel basically talks about a girl who is addicted to something, but she decides to change and go to rehab and the rest of novel talks about her lost love and the struggle of getting totally sober and getting the inner peace.

i know it's acceptable to talk about addiction in certain countries\community, plus i understand it's fiction, but the problem is am afraid of the reaction of people in my community. deep inside sometimes I think this novel will start a war and everybody will be against me\it!

for this reason am afraid to complete it. and sometime I said to myself am gonna publish it under a hidden name.

i hope what i want to say is making sense plus i hope to get good advice.

thanks in advance