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Thread: IdeaApp (Alan Amron)

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Georgia, U.S

    IdeaApp (Alan Amron)

    I emailed Alan Amron to submit my idea for a book he told me they don't accept submissions anymore by email and told me to submit it through has anyone used this before?

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    Wilde about Oscar aliceshortcake's Avatar
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    Alan Amron is an inventor, so I don't understand why he'd be interested in an idea for a book. Agents and publishers aren't interested in ideas for books - just the finished book.

    As for, it's impossible to patent or copyright an idea.

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    Your Genial Uncle Absolute Sage James D. Macdonald's Avatar
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    ideaApp Inventors & Writers

    Learn how to protect your ideas

    Search and Protect your Invention or idea

    Everyone has great ideas for a new book, movie, product or service, but most inventors or writers are not sure how to research, protect and or pursue their idea. Now there is an app and a PC or Mac website version.
    And this fellow won't help you. Writers: You cannot copyright an idea. Which is okay, because ideas by themselves are worthless.

    Do you want to protect your book?

    Write it.

    That's 100% of what's required.

    (1) Search the entire world and get a report instantly have peace of mind and do what all professional inventors and writers do first, a world Search, so that if its ever been done before you don't have to waste your time or money going any further, but if it was never done before, go for it with vigor and confidence knowing that its' truly your idea.
    "All professional ... writers do first"? Really? I would have phrased that as "No professional writers do at all."

    A part of this does seem to be targeted at writers:

    For $200 you get nothing at all. Isn't that special?

    Save your time, save your money, and forget you ever heard of this "service."

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    On a small world west of wonder LindaJeanne's Avatar
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    He seems to be trying to apply a patent "prior art" search to literature.

    Problem is, in literature, there is always "prior art".
    "A story told, that can't be real / yet somehow must reflect the truth we feel..." -- Black Sabbath / Ronnie James Dio

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Jun 2012
    Georgia, U.S
    Thanks, i'm trying to get a book out about what happened to me when i was in special education i read that most publishers won't consider you unless someone has an agent so i'm trying to look for one. i thought Alan was an agent because he was listed on the writers guild of america list and i told him i didn't want to use that website they're making money off people stories and the writers get nothing then he told me thats their procedure i'm free to choose from hundreds of others agents i can submit to i've been trying to find out where to start looking for an agent or publisher that handles nonfiction or autobiographies
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    It's a long and winding road RoseColoredSkies's Avatar
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    ia321, you might try QueryTracker. It's free and provides a list of agents who handle nonfiction (and biographies/memoirs). Just did a simple search and came up with a list of 399 agents.

    Of course, you should come back and check out any agents you find here in B&BC.

    Hope this helps.
    YA Urban Fantasy - revising
    Women's Fiction - querying


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