Don't quite understand this one.

Goes like this... Someone asks a question about PoCs. Gets one opposite response to the majority. Then goes into victim mode. "I'll always be called a racist no matter what I do."

Is there ever a way to talk them down or is this another version of "white guilt" and position of superiority?

For me, I don't understand this position at all.

I'm in a position of superiority on several things, but I worked my butt off to make up my deficit and though I'm not trying to pat myself on the back per se, I've gotten compliments on what I've said before. I've seen dissenting opinions from the same community, and I've always turned around and asked questions carefully on why so I can understand how it works.

So I'd like to understand this one. What's with the victim card? Is it really that big of a deal to find out what you said was racist?