So last night I was wandering through the tubes looking for publishers to submit my ERom and came upon something that just hit me wrong. Thought I'd pop in for a little perspective since it's still bothering me. If this has already been dissected please point me to that thread--I ran a quick search but it's not been my best week & my Google-fu may be suffering for all the drama. TIA.

A publisher listed their criteria for a heat scale of 1-3, with one allowing for graphic sex scenes & three being "extreme" and not required to have an HEA. They only listed non-het genres beginning on the second level.

Is it industry standard for publishers who accept both het & non to group LGBT Romances into a 2nd tier ranking just because they're not straight? (I'm guessing no, since I hadn't seen it before in submission guidelines.) Is it widely regarded as acceptable to lump LGBT in with "subjects that may offend some readers" regardless of the specific nature of the sex scenes?
Am I nuts to be offended by this?

Obviously I won't be subbing there, but at least I can talk about this thing that's bugging me.