Iíve had 6 requests for my manuscript so far, all from really good agents Ė 1 passed, another appears to have been plunged into an existential crisis at having to make a decision and has requested more time, 3 have only had it for a few weeks, and 1 has offered to help me with some extensive revisions.

Revisions would be awesome Ė Iíve read so many good things about this agent and Iíd be an idiot to turn down one-on-one help. Only, before the agent goes through my manuscript a second time and provides detailed notes, they want to confirm Iím not in talks with other agents as itís a big time commitment for them. I donít want to burn bridges with the 3 recent requesting agents by pulling the manuscript from consideration -what if the revision suggestions donít gel with me and I've lost out on getting some feedback from the others?

What do you guys think? Shall I say I donít want to pull it until Iíve seen the revision notes? Or offer to get back when the other agents have had a chance to read it? Or ask them to send me a few ideas of what changes would be required? Or trust that they know what they're talking about and go for it?

I've not been querying it for long enough to have reached the stage where I'm willing to hurl myself at the first agent to take a real interest! What would you do?