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Thread: How to get reviews on Amazon?

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    I second the Making connections group. You basically offer as many free books as you want to offer and set a deadline for when the review should be ready by (4-6 weeks) and while they are obliged to give a review they are by no means obliged to give a good one - that is based on the quality of your writing.

    Debra's method I am considering... may kick that off tomorrow.

    There are hundreds of review blogs out there and they all accept reviews. I do reviews on (the fantasy, sci fi and horror bits, other reviewers handle other genres and I am not sure if we have a non fiction section or not...). I get sent many books to review (so many that I have trouble keeping up...). Do a search in the area your book is in plus 'reviews' and see what comes up.

    Also, do a search on your name plus reviews... sometimes review sites may pick up your book, review it and not tell you... it happened to me, I only found it when I did a search. Was a good review too. You may have more than you thought.

    Alarmed that there is a book out there promoting unethical practises...

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    I contacted someone at a book review blog a while ago. She was backed up regarding reviews on behalf of the blog, but she offered a review swap in which we'd purchase and review each other's books.

    She eventually told me that she couldn't write a positive review of my book ("Becoming a Hero: The Complete Collection") and didn't want to hurt my chance of sales by writing an honest review. I thanked her and posted my review of her book (which was mixed).

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