Okay, as the title suggest, I'm looking for a very specific type of science book - one that deals with future tech.

Now, obviously, some of that will be speculation (predicting the future always is) but what I'm looking for are books that take a close look at what is theoretically possible in science, even if human tech isn't there yet.

I want them for research. I plan to write a philosophy book one day (probably in a few years, but it's never too early to start researching!) about future tech. Now obviously, I won't be going into huge detail about the actual mechanics of things, but the theoretical possibilities are something that I really want to get right.

I'm not expecting my book to be groundbreaking, but more as a collection of thoughts on problems we may run up against in inventing this sort of technology.

I have some understanding of physics, but not enough to have any real qualifications. I'm currently studying philosophy at University, which is where the idea for this book came from. In a few years, I'll have my degree, and will hopefully be able to get this right.

Anyway, that's enough about me. Does anyone know of any books that might help in my research? Philosophical or scientific, either way. It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.