Okay, so I'm trying to smarten myself up about social media and platform-building (and boy, it's something.)

Here's what I've picked up so far.

1. Your user icon should be consistent across all your online accounts, so folks who see you on FaceSpace will instantly recognize you when you pop up on Funbler.

2. Said user icon is ideally an image of your own fabulous face, posed for maximal platform-appropriate charisma.

So here's a question: if you're one of those folks who has elected not to use a personal photo, is there any particular strategy or logic for what you use as a substitute? Are you good as long as it's consistent and recognizable at tiny thumbnail sizes, or are there hidden bonus points to be obtained somehow?

I know this is probably one of the least important parts of the whole operation, but I've only just been learning about how much science and marketing necromancy goes into logo design, and I'm wondering how much of that applies in the social sphere.