A federal judge has ruled that North Carolina's decision to issue special anti-abortion license plates is unconstitutional because the state doesn't offer similar plates supporting abortion rights.

U.S. District Court Judge James Fox ruled on Friday that the state's attempt to offer only the “Choose Life” plates represents "viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment."

Fox last year blocked the state from issuing the plates while a suit by the American Civil Liberties Union was pending....

[. . . ]

North Carolina lawmakers authorized the "Choose Life" plate in 2011, with a portion of the proceeds from sales of the plates earmarked for a nonprofit that supports crisis pregnancy centers. The law prohibited money from the plates from going to any group that promoted abortion.

Meanwhile, lawmakers defeated various amendments to the bill that created the "Choose Life" plate that would have also authorized plates that would have stated “Trust Women. Respect Choice” or “Respect Choice.”

Rep. Mitch Gillespie, R-McDowell, sponsored the bill for the "Choose Life" plate, and he said Monday that he will encourage the North Carolina Attorney General's Office to appeal the decision....
The AG is a Democrat, btw.

...Twenty-nine states either already make "Choose Life" plates available or have approved such plates but have not manufactured them. But the plates have a mixed record when it comes to court challenges, with some judges ruling states can sell them and others siding with challengers who say the plates are unconstitutional....

Our justice system working well, I think I'm sure the representatives voted the way their constituents would have them vote (since the Republicans won the NC legislature recently), but these bills are not constitutional.