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Thread: Michigan Legislature Moves On To Abortion Restriction Bills

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    Michigan Legislature Moves On To Abortion Restriction Bills

    Fresh from their union busting triumph, the Michigan legislature has now moved on to abortion restrictions. Following Mississippi's example, new regulations aimed solely at abortion clinics will put most of them out of business.

    Another provision "Prohibit(s) a doctor from performing an abortion until determining that a woman hasnít been coerced into the procedure."

    Another prohibits insurance companies from covering abortions as part of their regular coverage plan.


    Next up -- a bill to outlaw Sharia law, sponsored by GOP Rep Dave Agema. Agema has previously weighed in on Muslim related topics:
    Obama wants Israel to go back to 1967 boundaries ( bad mistake) Obama wonít acknowledge the National Day of Prayer but allows Muslims to pary (sic) on the step of the capitol (very enlightening), now on Egyptian TV he says heís a Muslim according to some sources. Here he says heís a Christian. Weíre in trouble folks if this is true.
    Michigan is a blue state. It voted for Obama. Both Senators are dems. So how is this happening?

    Simple. Gerrymandering.

    In 2010, the GOP lawmakers drew up new districts. The GOP may lose the governorship next election (considering that he won by portraying himself as a moderate unifier) but the GOP will control both houses for the foreseeable future. The only thing that could stop them would be a democratic governor who would veto their bills.

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    I am supposed to ask how a doctor determines a woman hasn't been coerced into the procedure?
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    Their behavior is ridiculous. I hope this is a wake-up call to the sane people of Michigan.

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    First busting up unions and now this. Glad to see they're laser-focused on putting people back to work.

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    Thumbs down Jobs? Nah. How about an abortion ban?

    Does this mean the Republican Party is through learning?

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