I'm sorry if this question is posted under the wrong forum... I do book reviews for my blog, and an author contacted me through email to ask me to review his book. I dedicated my time to read it and to write out a thoughtful opinion. I posted on my blog, goodreads, and amazon.

In my opinion, the book had some problems, so I didn't recommend it. I simply said "if you can get past the repetitiveness, then give the book a try." I talked about the good and the bad.

Ever since then, he's been emailing me, trying to convince me I read the story wrong. But I've stuck to my guns. Now, this morning, I get an email with him requesting I take down my review on amazon and goodreads.

What's the protocol? Should I do this? Don't potential readers have a right to know what they're getting into?

Everyone on here always offers great advice--that's why I'm asking. I want to do the right thing.