The title basically sums it up. In my WIP the love interest is the son of a witch and the devil, basically making him a demon and he needs to eat human flesh to survive. It's made very clear that he'd starve without it and that he can't eat anything else. Obviously he prefers to rip it fresh from the living body instead of going to the morgue and feeding on slowly rotting body parts.

He fights about it with the FMC, because she's appalled in the beginning but she's been around a lot of different demons and isn't exactly shocked by it. She's mostly human.

Is that a total no go? Because he doesn't feel remorse, he's not sorry for his victims. And I'm just worried that his eating habits are going to be too big of a problem for readers to like him.
Could you like a character who kills and eats people? (not necessarily in that order)