So I have my works plotted and am flushing them out right now.

The books are intended for a YA audience and they are supernatural, romantic (but not the full emphasis) and hopefully a little thrilling.

I am struggling with two elements atm.

1) Crafting a villain who has some depth (I don't want him to just 100% evil, I need him to have sorta fallen into his villainous path and just have his humanity deteriorate as he spirals downwards) I want him to have been at one point likeable and maybe even honourable.

My issue with this is I find myself constantly thinking of him in binaries. I am either handling him as the most evil thing in creation or getting a saccharine and nostalgic whim and creating this like pathetic victim of circumstance. I need to balance his character better and find that aporia and just kind of reconcile where he is now and how he arrived there.

Do you guys find it hard to break out the binary as well? Any tips on not being so black and white and creating a more rounded character?

2) I am also struggling with his end goal. Essentially he is looking to construct a dystopian future but I am having a really hard time flushing out what that future should be. Again I think I sometimes lean a little too much towards the ridiculous (like SUPER evil)

When you have your plot set and your characters for the most part constructed what do you do when you are still struggling with a pretty main aspect of your narrative?

Any Villains you particularly love?
What did you love about them?

Thank you so much for reading this in advance and all comments are very appreciated

Lots of love,