Hi, I'm new here, flesh meat :p

So, I have lots and lots of ideas, when I was younger I would have an idea for a book, I would create the characters, their lives, how their personality was shaped by what happened to them, how the story would further change them and make timelines for chapters and so on, but then all of the sudden I would have other ideas, incompatible with that story and characters, so I would change the story all the time, mix the new ideas with the old ones and try to make it work, but it didn't and I got really frustrated of writing like 20 pages, which was a lot for me, and then not liking it anymore and have to re-write everything all over again.

So in the last 6 months I've been starting various books, a sci-fi novel, a drama and a teenage drama/romance.

I have only a couple pages of each of them, the teenage drama/romance is the continuation of a short story I wrote, so I know the main character a little more.

The sci-fi novel has one page and a Manifesto that appears in the first chapter, but I've worked on the timelines for the chapters, I've created about two hundred years of history, dozens of characters and I just have to actually write it now.

The drama is also like that, dozens of characters created, timelines of the first two chapters done but I have to write it.

I've had a depression for over 5 years, my life has been kind of hard... I know I'm 20 but believe me, I have suffered through quite a lot, though I wouldn't change anything... well only one thing... but in the end everything I've been trough just makes me a better writer.

Anyway I wanted to know if any of you have worked on multiple books or projects before, if you were successful at it, advices, etc.

Oh and I'm also thinking about working lightly on a fantasy universe, I'm basically going to create a whole universe, gods, mythology, religions, etc, no languages though.

I have no published works, never finished a single book, so I'm new to writing too... So am I crazy to want to do this?

Thanks for reading and hope you comment (: