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Thread: Poetry Writing Group (will it work?)

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    Bronies, Bronies Everywhere acockey's Avatar
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    Poetry Writing Group (will it work?)

    I know there is a poetry critique group on here, and it works well with all the support on here. But can it work in a real time group setting? I.E. other such fiction writing critique groups. Is there any reason you can think of that a real world setting wouldn't work? Would speaking the poem just out loud and not passing out a written copy work? Do you think people will respond to writing assignments given on the day of the meeting due for the next meeting, that will emulate a famous poet?

    Weigh in please, because I intend on starting the meetup soon.



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    Absolutely! I would suggest you contact your local writers club, if you have one, or your local library or literary society about find a poetry critique group. I believe our club has a poetry critique group, but I'm no sure.

    You would just run it like any critique group: bring copies of poems, have them critique for next meeting, and at the next meeting your read your poem and they critique.


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