This post was inspired by a recent thread. A lot of people seem to be looking for someone to brainstorm with or get feedback from, as in not a typical beta project swap relationship. For some, establishing a baseline rapport with your fellow writers is necessary before they're comfortable sharing a full manuscript. Or sometimes, as Hankleton said, you just want to bounce ideas around and get differing perspectives.

And not everyone is comfortable posting on an open forum. To each their own.

Having said that, what about creating online critique groups? Someone can organize the master list, collect e-mail addresses, and send them to the others in the group. We could open up separate threads for each genre: "Writing Group for YA Authors" or "Writing Group for Commercial Fiction" etc. and so forth to measure interest. The groups can be small (3-4 members) or much larger.

Your participation would be up to you--brainstorming, writing mechanics help, exchanging ideas on any and all writing topics. There's always the possibility of developing beta partnerships too.

I find it more beneficial to bounce ideas off fellow writers versus my friends and family. While the latter don't mind helping, they just don't get it and often tire of my questions. (Or so it seems.)

Anyway, this is just an idea!