Okay, so I'm editing a novel at the moment. I'm getting close to the end, and something's been bugging me.

Now, this novel is intended to be part of a trilogy. So with that in mind, when I wrote the first draft, I included an epilogue that foreshadows book 2.

My question is this: Would that bug anyone?

It's not exactly a cliffhanger. It's more just setting the theme of the next book (all about the Undead) by having some zombies and skeletons and stuff start showing up in the city. No real plot stuff there - just a casual, "Oh look, there's a zombie!" sort of thing at the end of book 1.

If it helps your answer, the books are probably going to be released 6 months apart from each other.

Should I ditch the Undead references and just wrap up story 1 (which is also already in the epilogue)? Keep the foreshadowing?

Any comments would be appreciated. I want to have a good think about this before it comes time to edit the epilogue.