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Thread: Hot Buttered Rum

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    Hot Buttered Rum

    So it's cold and miserable and I'm out of beer anyhow and I really feel like one drink before bed so it seems like the perfect time to make up a hot buttered rum. Haven't had one since about this time last year so I'm overdue anyhow.

    The first thing I do is boil water, then pour some into a coffee mug. Got to let it sit long enough to heat the mug, then toss it out.

    Dump about a teaspoonful of brown sugar into the mug. You can use more or none at all if that's your preference. Pour a little of the boiling water into the mug and stir to dissolve. Then add a good jigger of dark rum--a good jigger being somewhat more than a jigger which is an ounce and a half as I recall.

    Fill the mug with boiling water to about a half inch from the top. Add a pat of butter (remember those "pats" you used to get in restaurants before they started giving you the "whipped butter" which actually gives you less butter and more air?). Float one of those on top of your drink.

    No. No margarine. SRSLY.

    Now grind your nutmeg two or eleventy times over the floating butter to taste. Yes, you can use the canned scrap if you wish but it's not nearly as good.

    Now sip the drink through the nutmeg topped butter.

    Life's good, ain't it?
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