I'm currently working on a final re-write of my novella "Shadowed Vengeance", transforming it into a full novel for the traditional market (as I will pull Shadowed Vengeance down prior to the New Year). As such, I would like either a Critter (as coined by Death Wizard) or beta-reader whose willing to work on a chapter-by-chapter basis. I particularly am interested in seeing if the story is flowing properly, if I need to cut some things, add others, and if I need to work on other elements not specified here.

Here's the stats for the book:

Title: Predators & Prey: The Revenant of Dennison
Estimated length upon completion: 60,000-80,000 words
Genre: Crime/Noir-Thriller
Synopsis (what I'd put on the back cover:

Dennison, Utah: a nice place to live!

This is the message posted on the billboard on the city limits, and for the most part the message is true. But just like any town, there is a seedy underbelly to Dennison that is hidden from the world and the police force. Among those working within this infrastructure of crime are the city’s sexual predators, both registered and unregistered. Some work on their own agendas, while others work at the whim of a powerful businessman who protects them (and himself) as long as they are loyal. Things work like clockwork in the city.

But those who victimize the defenseless, who seek to demean women and children with their vile preferences, find themselves on the defensive when a man seeking vengeance for his wife begins to hunt and kill sexual predators. Operating under the moniker of the Revenant, the man is broken from his wife’s rape and murder, and he will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who considers their actions to be something that should be accepted. Thrown on the defensive, the businessman and his associates push back, with an unprecedented level of rape-murders occurring.

Caught in the middle of these two opposing forces is Detective David McKnight, new to the Homicide Task Force of Dennison and gifted with the unusual ability to step into the shoes of those he hunts. Working in tandem with his partner and an ambitious street cop, Rachel Myers, McKnight attempts bring justice to both the vigilante and those he preys on. The conclusion to this struggle is one that no one, cop, sexual sadist, or vigilante could predict.