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Thread: Michigan Republicans trying to push abortion bills through...

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    Michigan Republicans trying to push abortion bills through...

    before Democrats gain five seats.


    * The legislation bans abortions after 20 weeks, even in cases of rape and incest. Aka: love the rapist, hate the vajayjay.

    * There is a coercion clause, meaning that clinics would have to determine if the female is coerced or is the victim of domestic abuse before the abortion procedure. Aka: Policing the nether region.

    * While clamping down on clinics, access for rural women would be limited. AKA: wealthy cooters only.

    * Doctors would have to purchase costly malpractice insurance.

    Think Progress reports:

    Regulates Clinics Out Of Existence: HB 5711 would create new regulations so that any clinic that provides six or more abortions in a month or one which advertises abortion services would have to be licensed as a “freestanding surgical outpatient facility.” That means that even if a clinic does not offer surgical abortions, it would be required to have a full surgical suite.

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