I'm going to start work on a screenplay for a fan film based on a video game soon (LONG way away from actual filming). It takes place primarily in Transylvania in 1450 - with the beginning spanning around 1433 through the "present" to show the MC growing up.

I need as much info as possible on daily life for a girl in that place and at that time: any gender duties/restrictions, common chores, schooling (if any), diet (food and drink, alcoholic and otherwise, and also anything that she wouldn't possibly eat, due to it originating in the New World), religious denomination (and any restrictions based on these), languages spoken, technology (what's in use, and what hasn't been invented yet), etc.

Also, any "larger" issues (political climate, decrees from the Church, etc.) that might affect Our Hero in some way (particularly when investigating supposed "special powers") would be helpful.