I know there have been a lot of threads about Scrivener and I've read through many of them, but I'm looking for some specific information related to my writing style.

I've always been a pantser. No outline at all. I don't even make notes. I just start at Chapter One with a general idea of where I'm going and write all the way through, editing as I go. My problem is that I'm writing several series and trying to keep things consistent from Book 1 to Book Whatever is getting a bit overwhelming. I'm getting tired of sifting back through entire Word documents just to find out what color Character X's eyes were. I started keeping a separate Word document with character features, location details, etc. for each series, but even that is getting a bit unmanagable now that I'm beginning work on my third series.

So, would Scrivener potentially work for me to keep myself from going crazy trying to keep track of all the details? And would I have to significantly alter my linear pantser approach to successfully write in Scrivener?