Hello everyone.

Took me a while to drum up the courage to post an intro, as I haven't done this in ages. I'm a long-time participant in NaNoWriMo, took time off in 2010 to work on an outside project -- then was unable to finish it due to serious health problems. I used to be one of those naive writers who believed that the only thing that could stop me from writing was my own insecurity, but boy did life ever prove me wrong.

I'm back on the horse now, wrapping up the first-draft of that same fantasy novel, and hoping it will turn out to be my big breakthrough to publication. I got my feet wet a few years ago shopping around the erotic novel I wrote for NaNo 2008, so I'm one clue away from clueless (take that as you will).

I tend to become obsessed with books about writing (James Frey, Lajos Egri, David Mamet, Ursula Le Guin) and regularly fall in love with words (current crush: "acclivity"). I'm a cynic at heart, but also a former moderator of the NaNo Newbies Forum and a former Municipal Liaison, which means I'm allowed to be sarcastically derisive and glue plot-bunnies together out of puff-balls and pipe-cleaners.

My enthusiasm often outstrips my physical resources, but I hope to become a regular here at AW.

P.S. If anyone recognizes my avatar, I will <3 U 4EVAR.