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Thread: New blog needing SEO help

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    New blog needing SEO help

    I was recently informed, that it takes weeks or months for Google to index a site. Is this true? I'm worried because I've had my blog up for a week and i can type the site name into Google and nothing comes up.

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    It generally takes a week or two. or you can go to google and submit the url.
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    If you're on WordPress, you can add an SEO widget and it will notify all sites for you.
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    I didn't optimize mine on WordPress, and it came up on Google within a few days. Post some more content, and that should do it. Add some more links, it may speed the process.

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    Posting content is irrelevant to the process. Google must find your website to index it. The easiest way to do this is to make sure it is linked to from some other website that is indexed by Google. Otherwise, you can use Google's form for submitting your website.

    If you are part of a blog network, you shouldn't have to worry at all as the network will provide links to your content.

    Once your main page is indexed, Google has an avenue to find the rest of your content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herdon View Post
    Posting content is irrelevant to the process.
    No, actually, it's not, speaking as a former site analyst for Google.

    It really is about content. Ranking is partly about links; getting indexed is about content.

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    Google can't index a site it doesn't know exists. That's true no matter how many pages are created on the website.

    Google learns about new web pages by (1) a link from an already-indexed page leading to the non-indexed page or (2) filling out the form Google provides. Simply posting a link on Twitter should be enough to satisfy this, though I'd stress Twitter as the link rather than Facebook.

    This is also true on new pages added to a website that is indexed, which is why some webmasters/content creators pay attention to which pages Google indexes most often and put links to new content on that page. (Google will index a page more often based on how often the page is updated, which is why the blog format is so popular -- it's basically an ever-updating index of new pages.)


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