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Thread: Charlie Crist Now a Democrat

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    Mankind is my Business AW Moderator RichardGarfinkle's Avatar
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    Charlie Crist Now a Democrat

    Following in the footsteps of Arlen Specter, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist has joined the Democratic party.

    Do people think this is likely to become a trend for marginalized moderate Republicans?
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    practical experience, FTW neilfriske's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
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    The GOP is just going to have to adjust some of its domestic policies. That's all there is to it. As it is the GOP is a sinking ship.

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    Baby plot bunneh sniffs out a clue Snowstorm's Avatar
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    Yes, Richard. I was registered Republican forever (fiscally conservative, small government, socially liberal). But the past few years the Republican party has spiraled into this insane Christian Taliban trainwreck. When, at the national convention this summer, the Republican party adopted the official platform of no abortions for ANY reason, that was it. As Christie said in the article: "I didn't leave the Republican party, ... It left me."

    The next time I went to town (30 miles away), I headed to the county elections office and changed my party. I'm sure nobody cares about my measly little protest, but it meant a lot to me.

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    banned as an incurable tosspot Opty's Avatar
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    As much as he's been publically critical of Rick Scott over the past year and hinting that he wants to run for governor again, this comes as little surprise. Given the current state of the Republican Party, especially the way they bittely challenge the sane candidates in state and local primaries, he knows he can't win as a Republican and wouldn't have access to the funding as an independent.

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    Touch and go robeiae's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardGarfinkle View Post
    Following in the footsteps of Arlen Specter, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist has joined the Democratic party.

    Do people think this is likely to become a trend for marginalized moderate Republicans?
    Meh. Crist marginalized himself. This has nothing to do with issues or principles. Crist believed he had the Senate seat all locked up, that he was basically "owed" it. But Rubio beat him in the primaries, causing Crist's rather pathetic run as an independent.

    Now he's switching parties because he just can't deal with the loss of power.

    I think this type of stuff betrays just how stupid much of the voting public really is. Crist still has support from people down here, but for what? Again, it's not an issues thing at all. Crist is no crusader, no champion of this group or that group, just a typical say anything to get elected politician.

    I think this story sums up Crist perfectly:

    The guy actually made a point of making the trip, just to get the same bear hug Obama got and get a picture taken of the "impromptu" moment. It's beyond pathetic. Yet, people still think this turkey can fly...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CassandraW
    You're a smug, sneering, ranting asshole, and yet even when I despise your position, I like you.
    Quote Originally Posted by swachski
    You're a gentleman and a scholar...
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    practical experience, FTW
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    And, yes, there are times when I agree with robsie. Like on Crist. Medoubts this will revive his moribund political career even a single charmed quark. Florida Dems won't have any trouble finding candidates other than a retread has-been refugee from the bad guys.


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    Life is good Gregg's Avatar
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    Righto...Christie is a pathetic has-been. Somebody should tell him to just go back to the tanning salon.
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