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Thread: Where do YA under 18 readers get books?

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    Where do YA under 18 readers get books?

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately, from a number of angles, including library closings, book store closings, and ebooks. Where are YA readers from c. 10 to 17 getting books?

    1. I used to sometimes (depending on finances) be able to buy books from the Scholastic Book club pamphlets at school. Back in the dark ages, in 1976, that's how I got S. E. Hinton books. Does this exist still?

    2. My local library to this day does not have a YA area, shelves, or book lists. YA books are mixed between the Adult fiction shelves, and the "Childrens' room." I've never seen anyone between the ages of 10 and 20 in that room who wasn't staff.

    3. I swapped books all the time with other kids. Does this stil happen? Granted, at least half the books were . . . umm, not age appropriate. No, really, don't ask; you'd be shocked . . .

    4. Ebooks—does anyone personally know someone between 10 and 18 who buys/reads ebooks?

    Where are YA readers between 10 and 18 getting books?
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