I'm technically a newbie in that I just signed up, but I've visited the AW boards for years, read almost all the FAQs and tips, and found them so so helpful. Even though you all don't know me, I feel like I know you! Thank you for allowing me to lurk anonymously for free for all this time. My official sign-up and humble contribution today is long overdue.

Even though I'm relatively social, since I write for a living, I tend to avoid writing at all for fun. I'm terrible at Facebook, Twitter, and I can ignore email like nobody's business. (I love to read it all though!)

What led me to finally take the plunge here now is that today was horrible. The kind of rip-your-heart-out horrible that only other writers could understand. I've been a published writer for years, I've had success and failure, but sometimes the rejection just feels *so* personal.

In short: I need hugs. Hugs from people who understand how it feels. In return, I promise to stop hiding and hug back.