So, I've recently been doing some research into the possibility of taking an MFA program after I finish my undergrad degree. When I first heard about them, I considered it to be the impossible dream: spend a few years of my life concentrating on my passion, and then be able to get a job teaching my passion at universities. However, I knew that finding a job would at least be relatively difficult, and I'm already going into debt for undergrad, so further debt to do something so iffy seemed like a definitely "no."

Then I learned about assistantships and fully funded programs and things started sounding a little more doable. I thought that, maybe, if I didn't put myself further in debt, it would be worth it.

My hopes and dreams were supported by my Intro to Fiction Writing professor, who spoke to me after the in-class workshop of my second submission to heavily suggest I pursue an MFA. He said all these nice things about my writing and my passion for the craft and said he had complete faith that I could get into the program.

Dazed from his words, I went to my creative writing adviser, who stressed the difficulty of obtaining a job with an MFA. She told me that I would have to not only obtain an MFA but also get published and be really lucky. Her words weren't overly promising, though she said she didn't want to rule out the option entirely for me, either.

There is another professor that I want to talk to about this (some time next semester when finals season is over). He teaches Advanced Fiction Writing, and not only did my Intro professor strongly recommend I take him, but my adviser said I should ask him about MFAs (she's a poet and wanted me to get advice from someone of my own field).

In the mean time, however, I thought that AW might be a good source of opinions and information. Did any of you guys get an MFA? If so, what were your experiences? If you considered it but decided not to, why? I'm pretty much looking for as much input as possible, so anything you have to say would surely be helpful!