Hi, my name is Aurora though my friends usually call me Arorua or simply Rorua - even if I don't like the last form >__< I'm 22, I graduated from college this summer and I'm still looking for a job because the economy is very poor in Romania. I've been writing for about six years, I think, but I only started to use English about a couple of years ago. I haven't really learned English at school so I only know how to use it from movies and music and other stuff like that, so I thought of coming to this site for some help about this and, of course, about my writing.

Hmm... I usually write MxM pairings, but the pairing I love the most is a het one that I've created along with one of my friends so we've been thinking to try and write MxF again because this is what got us started. The two of us usually write together so we'll be posting our stories here and asking for your guidance and to help us improve ourselves. It's the first time that we're trying to post somewhere we can truly get some good reviews, so we might still be newbies at this, but we want you to give it your all xDD

If you have questions for me, please address them ^^ And nice to meet you~