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Thread: Martial Arts and Combat Sports

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amadan View Post
    Yes, jujutsu is very much a traditional martial art. It's descended from aiki-jutsu, which was unarmed fighting that samurai trained in.


    Judo is the sport form of jujutsu; it is basically jujutsu with most of the dangerous techniques (like strikes and joint-breaking) removed.
    Actually, technically, jujutsu is not a martial art, and neither is aikijutsu.

    Judo and aikido are the martial art forms of both arts. The "-jutsu" ending indicates the killing or combat form, and the "-do" ending indicates budo, which is loosely translated as martial art in the Western world.

    Jujutsu and aikijutsu are the forms that would have been taught during warring periods, and are more focused on what's most effective in an actual fight. The budo forms of judo and aikido are martial arts that use the techniques from the warring forms as a path for spiritual and personal growth and development.

    It's true that in the West, judo has been very "sportified" and Westernized, though, and its origins as a budo have all but been lost; it resembles what was taught in Japan as a budo pretty much only in the techniques it uses. Read Japanese reactions to Western judo and they really don't like what's been done with it.

    Aikido has probably been a bit less Westernized than judo, and still focuses more on the spiritual and personal growth that characterizes budo.

    But aikijutsu and jujutsu aren't budo. They're the more combat and fighting focused forms of aikido and judo. Martial arts aren't about fighting or combat. They aren't a sport, either, although that's what many have been reduced to in the West. Martial arts are supposed to be about defeating and rebuilding yourself to be a better person.

    If you're only interested in combat, you don't want budo. You want the "-jutsu" forms, but it can often be more difficult to find a legitimate dojo.
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