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Thread: Gov't handouts to Big Oil is 5X more than gov't aid for Third World climate initiatives

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    Gov't handouts to Big Oil is 5X more than gov't aid for Third World climate initiatives

    Amount of aid given to Third World nations to combat climate change = $11.2 billion
    Amunt of tax subsidies extended to Big Oil & other Fossil Fuel companies = $58.7 billion

    These dollar figures are not limited to just US money.

    Fossil-Fuel Subsidies of Rich Nations Five Times Climate Aid

    By Alex Morales - Dec 3, 2012

    Rich countries spend five times more on fossil-fuel subsidies than on aid to help developing nations cut their emissions and protect against the effects of climate change, the Oil Change International campaign group said.

    In 2011, 22 industrialized nations paid $58.7 billion in subsidies to the oil, coal and gas industries and to consumers of the fuels, compared with climate-aid flows of $11.2 billion, according to calculations by the Washington-based group....
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    Oil execs gives bribes to politicians, climate change groups don't (or at least, it's a lot less). So, this isn't shocking.
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    Well Boehner is insisting that the President cut entitlement programs to avoid the fiscal cliff. There's a really good lot of entitlements that can be cut
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