I want to add a little flavour to a couple of my Characters.

The first is a well-to-do elderly Arab gentleman, old-school, rigid in his beliefs and proud of his heritage. His English is perfect, if somewhat precise.
I have no particular region or dialect in mind. Id like, if feasible, to keep his diction/ phrases as general as possible. Everyday words.

Im also looking for a derogatory name for a girl the grandfather considers to have loose morals a young English girl who is free and easy with her favours and curses a lot- what would he call her?

Another question: How would this elderly Arab gentleman address his granddaughter, in company or when theyre alone, a term of endearment, maybe? And on the flip side, how would his Granddaughter address her grandfather a pet name, or more formal address?

I also need a curse word/phrase, or common saying.

Honestly, anything, any help would be appreciated