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Thread: "Time Out" - Dave Brubeck, RIP

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    "Time Out" - Dave Brubeck, RIP

    Well, dammit.
    A titan of West Coast jazz, Brubeck was linked with California for much of his career. He was born in Concord, studied at what is now is the University of the Pacific in Stockton and recorded for Berkeley-based Fantasy Records, which helped forge the Bay Area's sound in the '50s. But regardless of where a listener was based, the Dave Brubeck catalog was an inevitable destination.
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    ... most unfortunate. Have listened to his licks and enjoyed them. Many other awesome ones besides "Take Five." RIP to one cool cat.

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    A great life he had though. Lived to 92, short a day. A lot of commercial success for a jazz guy, honors, looks like a nice personal life.

    RIP Dave!

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    Ah, man! RIP, Dave.
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    He was well known in jazz circles as a lovely man as well as a wonderful player.

    Also well known was his early refusal to play concerts (including at universities) in the South when requested to replace his black bass player for the show, since racially mixed groups were forbidden to take the stage in many places.
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    One more Take Five, etc blues his tunes comfort me, strangely

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    His tunes still take up much space on my iPod.

    RIP. And thanks for the music.
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    I just mentioned the other day on a thread here about what music do you listen to when you write, that I listened to a lot of Brubeck when I was writing my last children's play. It seems to be my "go to" music when I need to write and concentrate on my writing. My muse is moved by many different tunes depending on what I'm writing, but he sure seems to like Dave.

    Last spring I acted in a production of The Odd Couple, the director asked me if I'd put together the pre-show music. Considering the time frame (60s) and the location (NYC) and the fact that Simon mentions Sinatra and Mancini, I knew I had to put them on the pre-show soundtrack along with tunes from the original movie, but I also managed to put in some Dave. His music...puts me in...a good creative mood. His loss is a loss to music and society both
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    Take another five, Dave. Ya done good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haggis View Post

    RIP. And thanks for the music.

    A class act indeed.

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    I love you, Lavern. That is all.

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