A writers group I belong to is doing a series of blogs called "THE NEXT BIG THING." Basically we do a post where we answer ten question about our WIPs, etc, and then link to 5-10 other writers blogs at the bottom. The next week those writers do the same thing, and link more writers, etc.

Unfortunately, it's my turn to do the post and since I was out of town for a while, I'm the last in the group to go. So I need to find some fellow writers who'd like to participate, and get tagged on my site to go next. I immediately thought of all the great folks here.

Anyone interested? So far it's been a lot of spec fiction folks (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, for both adult and YA), but I'm open to any genre if you're interested in participating! No publication history needed--we've got a mix of levels, too, from brand-spanky-new to old pros. If you're curious or want in, either reply here or PM me. Thanks!