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Thread: Seeking beta for experimental magical realism

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    Seeking beta for experimental magical realism

    Dear board,

    Book is narrated in pseudo-conversational style, features a bevy of complex plots and wild feats of magic; also a deranged shark god, and hordes of insane, mystically empowered Central American Freemasons. The story received high accolades from a number of agents, but nevertheless no bites. Please help.

    My novel is 115,000 words long.

    Thank you.


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    It was that bastard manís voice that woke my father. Papu found himself back in his cell, lying atop a lush bed crafted of various male and female organs and his enemy's passions. Strong with that bastard manís magic, the organs restrained Papu and sensually rubbed against him. Some xxxxxxx him and some xxxxxx with his xxxxxxx.

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