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Thread: Looking for a beta/swap for MG 56K

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    Odessa Quinn Laura J's Avatar
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    Sep 2011

    Looking for a beta/swap for MG 56K

    I'm looking for a beta/swap for my MG Magical Realism. It is around 56K words. I will read for you anything but horror (I spook easily). I like MG or YA.

    I am still editing my WIP (2nd time), so the chapters would come in a few at a time. I'm editing, again, my mentor is reading and line editing and sending it back. I am re-editing and will send it to you, a chapter or two at a time.

    Here is a link to the first chapter in SYW

    Innerworks Chronicles Chapter One

    I'm a somewhat new at beta reading and editing, but will work really hard for you also. I have a bit of time on my hands right now, so I can get a lot of reading done.

    I'm looking for any suggestions, line edits, whatever help you can offer. I take criticisim well and am looking to learn.

    This is sounding like a personal ad.

    Thank you,
    Odessa Quinn


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    Honestly? I'm captivated with your excerpt in SYW. I want to read more. If you'd like to swap with me, I'm currently on the second draft of my UF about a morally ambiguous pyromaniac demon hunter!
    Coming soon!
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    Hey Laura, I'd be happy to swap. I really need some fresh eyes on an MG 49k (2nd draft and SF/F I think...). It does have demons and ghosts, but I don't think it's particularly scary
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