Red Commie Bastard news site is reporting on a new internment camp policy for antisocial neighbors.

Amsterdam residents with a record of harassing their neighbors will be exiled, the city’s mayor announced. After being forced out, they will live under police supervision in special container housing units with only basic amenities.
*Authorities in the Dutch capital have formed a task force to identify the worst offenders behind the 13,000 complaints of antisocial behavior the city receives annually

Amsterdam-based daily Het Parool reported.

Those charged who defy a compulsory six-month course in the camps will face eviction and homelessness. Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan has allocated an estimated 1.3 million euro to the project, which he argued will protect law-abiding residents from being forced to move by unruly neighbors.
Maybe the title should have been "Santa Clause is coming to town"?

What community would not want a policy like this? If not openly, than secretly.

I personally find the thought of this sort of policy chilling. But I also can't help thinking this idea is a little humorous in a whole family getting a time-out from their neighborhoods sort of way.