I'm doing a little research for my story on guns and gunshot wounds.

In my story there is a mass shooting at a New Years Eve party. Lots of people get hurt. One of my characters dies in her fiance's arms and my other character (who is an undercover cop at this party) gets shot twice and loses alot of blood.

So my first question is for my character that dies in her fiance's arms. She dies quickly. Where on the body could someone get shot and die quickly? My second question is for my undercover cop. I want him to live but I want his condition to look serious and maybe make it look like he's close to dying. So where on the body could he be shot that would be considered critical? What would be his recovery time?

I also need to figure out how to describe being shot and what it feels like so I can describe the feelings in the story. So what does being shot feel like? Would someone with 2 gunshot wounds be conscious or would they immediately be unconscious or barely conscious? Could being shot cause a coma?

My last question is about types of guns. Considering this is a mass shooting what type of guns are typically used in a mass shooting?