Hi, my nameís Trevor and I guess Iím new here. Iíve been lurking on and off for the better part of the lastÖ maybe six months? Itís been long enough that I figure I should just come out and say hi to everyone.

Now, I think Iíve been writing for just over a year and a half or so. I kind of stumbled into it as a way to spend my time after not being able to find a decent job after graduating uni. After a little while, though, I realized that I really, really liked it.

Iíve written a couple novel length books over that year and a half + a few short stories/novella length works for contests and the like. I just recently threw all caution to the wind and self-published one of the (better) novels after not being able to fully hook an agent (got nibbles, nothing more). Itís doing pretty well for itself, so yay for that!

Anyways, I guess Iím here to hangout, chat, learn, and write along with everyone else.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings,