So I got some notes back on a WIP and I seem to have written a budding relationship with lots of physical chemistry/sexual tension, but not much beyond that.

The MS is paranormal, and there is touching involved in the spec element, so I think that's why.

Anyway, I've scaled back the touching and put in more conversation, etc. But I'm wondering now how you define or identify "chemistry"? What about a great relationship (beyond the physical) makes you think people are a great fit?

My MC isn't very social or friendly and the LI is extremely shy and self-conscious (he's "hot", but he isn't a typical witty LI. He almost never knows what to say.), so getting beyond their own hang ups is hard enough. They have only known each other for a couple of months, but spend a lot of time together, so they're in that "in between phase." Their conversations tend to be a bit awkward and he doesn't talk that much, so I'm having trouble figuring out what, if not amazing conversations and lots of touching, I can use to indicate they have really strong feelings for each other.

I'm not terribly romantic myself, but I'm thinking it's something that is hard to identify unless you're reading it? They just click? And I know it's often "opposites attract" but they are't really opposites.

Okay, I'm rambling. What is chemistry? How do you write it? When is it good? How does it differ from super lusty feelings of lust?