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Thread: Greetings from Downunder

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    figuring it all out Darkh0rse's Avatar
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    Dec 2012

    Greetings from Downunder

    I've never been real good at this "Meet and Greet" type of thing...what does one put in here? Do you give your life story or just or short 'Hi'. Perhaps some type of generic template for this would help? Anyone have something like that? Perhaps it could be like the templates they use for speed dating? Not that I've ever done that. Do they even have templates for speed dating?

    Sorry, way off course there. ANYWAY, just wanted to say hello. Obviously, I'm new to these boards and I am looking forward to participating.

    I've wanted to be a writer for years, going back to my high school days. I've even written a couple of short stories (I never had the nerve / confidence to try to get them published), some poems (one of which was published, only due to a friend daring me to submit it) and I currently have a work in progress.

    I am an avid reader of many genre, but prefer the sci-fi / fantasy.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop off and say g'day.

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    practical experience, FTW drzimo's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    San Diego, California
    Welcome Mate!

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    The Anti-Magdalene KellyAssauer's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Hi DarkhOrse!

    Welcome to AW!

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    One evil little baby step at a time Griffin Hayes's Avatar
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    May 2011

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    practical experience, FTW rwm4768's Avatar
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    Jan 2012

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    The Old Curmudgeon F.L.N's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Backwoods of Puget Sound
    Welcome to AW!

    AW does have a form of a sort, it's called the User Profile. Don't think you can use it for dating though.
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    Not too old to learn Nickie's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Dendermonde, Belgium
    Hello there, and welcome to AW.

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    G'day mate. Welcome. No templates for speed dating around here but you'll meet heaps of good people

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    The Scavengers AW Moderator regdog's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Primus' Poster Children For Bad Life Choices

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    And so... Tepelus's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Hello, and welcome!
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    If I had a brain I'd still be dumb thehairymob's Avatar
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    Mar 2010

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    figuring it all out
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    Nov 2012
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    Welcome from a Newbie just across the ditch.
    So much to see and read on AW, so little time.You'll find some good sites here that will help you with your writing. I'm also a great believer in reading books on writing fiction. If you only pick up one good tip from a book it becomes a cumulative tool to use in your writing and soon you'll know it all - yeah right.

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    Thread surfer and virtual bartender L. Y.'s Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    The 808
    Hello. to the Water Cooler!
    Write. Edit. Rinse, repeat.

    Edit with your head. Write with your heart.

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    Imma Mum-Mum Beatlemaniac's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
    1964--Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
    Hi and welcome!
    "God help and breed you all."--John Lennon, In His Own Write (1964)

    "I have a distinct feeling about people who think of writing. It is this—if anything can stop them, it is probably no great loss."--Alexander Woollcott

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    Writing Space Pirate sadron's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    My Space Ship
    Fantasy Story ~ under work
    Space Opera Story
    Twitter Blog

    "It is by sitting down to write every morning that one becomes a writer. Those who do not do this remain amateurs." - GERALD BRENAN

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    figuring it all out Darkh0rse's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    Thank all of you for the wonderful welcome. It is most appreciated.

    And no speed dating? Wow, I thought this site had disappointed

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    Steady Diet Of Nothing theshovelbum's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    N. America
    G'day and welcome to the AW!!!

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    practical experience, FTW wazzujim's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    Greetings from Uptop, mate! Sorry, that was horrible.

    But anyway, welcome!

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    nutruring tomorrows criminals today PorterStarrByrd's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Moose Creek, Maine
    Welcome aboard

    We have met the enemy and he is us - Pogo
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    Yield to temptation, it may never come again - unknown
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    practical experience, FTW French Maiden's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Western Australia

    Another Aussie, yay, go us!

    Where abouts in Oz are you? I'm just south of Perth (W.A. obviously).

    Hope you find your time here helpful and I'm sure you'll find lots of useful information in the boards.

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    Hi! Welcome to the forums!



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