I've never been real good at this "Meet and Greet" type of thing...what does one put in here? Do you give your life story or just or short 'Hi'. Perhaps some type of generic template for this would help? Anyone have something like that? Perhaps it could be like the templates they use for speed dating? Not that I've ever done that. Do they even have templates for speed dating?

Sorry, way off course there. ANYWAY, just wanted to say hello. Obviously, I'm new to these boards and I am looking forward to participating.

I've wanted to be a writer for years, going back to my high school days. I've even written a couple of short stories (I never had the nerve / confidence to try to get them published), some poems (one of which was published, only due to a friend daring me to submit it) and I currently have a work in progress.

I am an avid reader of many genre, but prefer the sci-fi / fantasy.

Thanks for taking the time to stop off and say g'day.