The Vatican is now going to introduce RFID tracking devices and will make them mandatory for all Vatican employees in the wake of the recent Vatileaks scandal.

Vatican to begin tracking clergy and employees with RFID cards

December 2, 2012 -- By: Jake Jones

... the Vatican has decided to use an ID card that has a micro-chip device embedded inside the card that is capable of being used as a tracking device. This card will be given to clergy and employees.... The common name for such devices is RFID or Radio Frequency Identification devices.

The issuance of these devices will probably take place on or about January, 1, 2013. The Vatican sees the need for the tracking cards because of the conviction of a person for stealing the pontiff's private documents and leaking them to an Italian journalist in an “embarrassing security breach that rocked the Vatican earlier this year”, according to The Telegraph....

The article goes on to explore the Mark of the Beast as found in the Bible, and also makes mention the case of the San Antonio girl currently being discussed in another thread here at P&CE.