I cannot believe people. I cannot believe people still shock and disgust me.

Every year, the Federal Government does the Combined Federal Campaign where you can choose to donate to one or more of a million charities. I think they run TV commercials, so you may know of it.

Every year, I am my facility's POC. I'm supposed to do something fun to drum up enthusiasm amongst my peers and raise money. Well, people don't get excited. They hate to be bothered, and I hate to nag them to donate money. And it's not like we don't have a million other things going on right now - Toys for Tots, we're doing a Holiday decorating competition to raise money for Sandy victims, plus school fundraisers and church things...

So I don't put too much into the CFC. Generally, I send out emails reminding people of it. This year, however, upon my boss' insistence that I do something more, DH and I spent a good $50 to fill up a Costco Relish jar with Hershey minis. I counted them, made fliers, and put a BIG note on the jar saying "Make a guess for CFC!"

I leave earlier than others in the office, so every night the secretary locked up the candy when she left. She must have forgotten Friday because I came in this morning, and a third of the jar was gone. It's either the cleaning crew or my co-workers. My bet is on my co-workers. There's a reason we stopped the coffee fund.

These air traffic controllers make over $150k/year and they stole candy clearly marked for charity.

I am so pissed, I can't think straight.