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Thread: Midwestern Lurker Stepping Into the Light

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    Midwestern Lurker Stepping Into the Light

    Hi everyone!

    I've been lurking here for ages and I figured it was about time to start interacting with people. I'm always telling my other writer friends to stop by and take advantage of the treasure trove of knowledge here...its sometimes good to take your own advice. Right?

    I'm from the Midwest and have been writing for ages. I am getting ready to jump on the query-go-round for the second time, and I'm excited about it, in a masochistic kind of way.

    When I'm not whiling away the hours writing or lurking here I like to garden and tease my many, many cats.

    I can't wait to get to know everyone here.

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    You might want to check out the Query Letter Hell in the SYW section for tips on writing a query (and after 50 posts, you can post yours up for help).
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    Oh, I'm very familiar with Query Letter Hell. Its a great (and terrifying) place to visit. I also spend time on Janet Reid's blog. I swear, I love query shark, if only because it makes me laugh and reminds me of what not to do...

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    Welcome from a fellow cat lover.

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Hello there, and welcome to the Cooler!

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    Hi and
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    Hello, and welcome!

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    I love my cats. We have a love/bully relationship. It's a lot of fun to know I can harass them and they reciprocate.

    Anyway, I want to welcome you to Munchkinland, er uh, the cooler. It's a lot of fun. Just explore and see where the rabbit or, rather, cat hole leads.
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    Welcome to the Forum!

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    Hello. to the Water Cooler!
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    Hi Askew!

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